Advertising Standard Terms and Conditions

JAM Outdoor Advertising Agreement Standard Terms & Conditions
  1. The expression ‘the Advertiser’ shall be deemed to include their executors, administrators, agents and assigns.
  2. The expression ‘JAM Outdoor’ refers to LANDOWAY PTY LTD ACN 010 664 472 trading as JAM Outdoor, a duly registered Company trading at 2 Maria St, Kensington in the State of Queensland.
  3. This agreement is made between the Advertiser and JAM Outdoor.
  4. JAM Outdoor agrees to provide to the advertiser services as detailed on the advertising agreement attached.
  5. Invoicing for the services provided is to occur periodically according to JAM Outdoor’s 28 day period, unless otherwise agreed by both parties.
  6. Media is billed at the start of each 28 day period & terms are 14 days from date of invoice (unless otherwise agreed).
  7. If rental payments are not paid by the due date, JAM Outdoor reserves the right to charge interest on the overdue amount at the rate of 1% per month. If the rental payment falls 28 days or more in arrears, JAM Outdoor reserves the right to terminate this agreement.
  8. Setup costs, including but not limited to Design, Production & Installation, are due 14 days before installation takes place.
  9. Campaign dates may be adjusted due to unforeseen circumstances such as, but not limited to; production delays, bad weather, inaccessibility to signs etc. JAM Outdoor will advise the Advertiser if any such adjustments are required.
  10. The advertiser will be advised of deadlines for creative and/or material. Failure of the Advertiser to meet a deadline may result in the advertisement being unable to be displayed during a billable period.
  11. The Advertiser will be offered the first option to renew the agreement. If the Advertiser does not exercise that option at least 60 days before the end of the term, the Advertiser forfeits the first option to renew the agreement and the billboard(s) may be offered to market.
  12. If the Advertiser wishes to terminate the agreement at the conclusion of the term, they must provide at least 30 days written notice to JAM Outdoor.
  13. If the Advertiser does not either renew or terminate the agreement with sufficient notice, at JAM Outdoor’s discretion the agreement may continue on a periodical basis until such time the agreement is terminated or renewed by either party.
  14. Either party may terminate a periodical agreement with at least 30 days written notice from the end of a period.
  15. In the event that the Advertiser terminates this agreement prior to the expiry date, the Advertiser is liable for all payments for the total term of the agreement unless JAM Outdoor agrees to re-rent to another Advertiser.
  16. JAM Outdoor will maintain the structure of the sign. This includes damage caused by natural disasters or graffiti to the material. In the event of such damage, the advertiser is not liable for rental costs during the time that the sign is not displayed.
  17. JAM Outdoor will pay all costs relative to the owner of the land.
  18. JAM Outdoor will pay all costs relative to the Local Government Authority.
  19. JAM Outdoor protects the Advertiser by way of insurance for any claim arising from the damage caused by the sign to any individual or vehicle, without affecting the right and entitlements of the Advertiser under this agreement.
  20. A refund may be available in the case of a major fault/defect according to Australian Consumer Law.
  21. JAM Outdoor may assign its interest in the Advertising Agreement.
  22. JAM Outdoor does not and cannot make any representation as to the likely benefits of advertising.
  23. In the event of JAM Outdoor being unable to continue to provide the advertising services because of any reason JAM Outdoor reserves the right to terminate this agreement without advance notice. In such instance, the agreement will cease as of the date of on which the agreement is terminated under this clause and JAM Outdoor will reimburse the Advertiser for any amounts paid by the Advertiser for services which have not been supplied in accordance with this agreement and return any materials purchased by the Advertiser.
  24. If the Advertiser sells its business, it shall obtain the new owner’s agreement to be bound by the terms of this Agreement.

Why use JAM Outdoor

  • Friendly service without the ‘high-pressure’ sales techniques.
  • Based in regional QLD so we understand the market.
  • Our billboard skins are guaranteed against pre-mature degradation, graffiti and natural forces.
  • Family-owned business for over 30 years.

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