Billboard Creatives

Few small-medium businesses have a graphic designer on-call. Much less one experienced in the unique format of outdoor advertising. Ensure your advertising investment is giving you the best return possible by utilizing our graphic designer, Leah from Lush Graphix.


Leah has over 25 years experience in the sign writing and screen print industry and has been designing billboards for JAM Outdoor clients for over 11 years. Leah will work with you to come up with an eye catching concept that will tie in with your existing business branding while maximizing your billboard space effectively. If you want to be noticed, easily recognized and your message clearly legible in the unique billboard format we have the right designer for you.

We know what works!


If you would like to view a selection of our designs below is a link to Lush Graphix's Billboard Portfolio.

Why use JAM Outdoor

  • Friendly service without the ‘high-pressure’ sales techniques.
  • Based in regional QLD so we understand the market.
  • Our billboard skins are guaranteed against pre-mature degradation, graffiti and natural forces.
  • Family-owned business for over 30 years.

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